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Endometrial or Uterine Ablation


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What is the Endometrial Lining?

What is Endometrial Ablation?

  • Procedure which eliminates the endometrial lining
  • Dr. Zilberstein uses a device that is FDA-approved to treat menorrhagia or patient-perceived heavy menses.
    The device employs a radiofrequency to eliminate the the lining. It is performed in the office under local anesthesia.
  • The procedure is extremely safe.
  • It takes 90 seconds
  • 95% of women remain satisfied with the results.
  • Helps avoid hysterectomy as a treatment for heavy or irregular periods

Endometrial ablation refers to the procedure which eliminates the endometrial lining. When a woman is no longer interested in fertility, endometrial ablation is used to treat these menstrual problems. With the help of a careful physical examination and medical history, Dr. Zilberstein identifies the right candidates for endometrial ablation. This procedure helps to avoid hysterectomy in 97% of appropriate candidates.



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