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If You Suffer From Heavy Periods, NovaSure® Can Help

If You Suffer From Heavy Periods, NovaSure® Can Help

Do you dread that time every month when you get your period? If you have cumbersome menstrual cycles, those days may turn into a total nightmare.

Heavy periods have many causes, ranging from medications to uterine fibroids. When your life is negatively affected by the amount of bleeding you experience, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible.

At her office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, Dr. Inga Zilberstein offers compassionate and modern women's health care. She has extensive experience treating menstrual problems and provides state-of-the-art NovaSure® endometrial ablation for patients with heavy menstrual bleeding.

What causes heavy menstrual bleeding?

A woman’s uterus sheds its lining every month if you're not pregnant. A normal period in your menstrual cycle lasts anywhere from a few days to a week. Bleeding can be mild, moderate, or heavy. If you have longer than regular periods with severe bleeding, you may have one of the following conditions:

Your hormones also play a large role in how heavily you bleed each month. Hormonal disorders are one of the top reasons you may have heavy menstrual bleeding.

You shouldn't let abnormally heavy bleeding go untreated. Dr. Zilberstein offers convenient appointments when you're concerned about your menstrual cycle.

If you're having periods of heavy bleeding, she assesses your symptoms and performs a pelvic exam. She may also order blood work or imaging studies to diagnose the problem that's causing your heavy bleeding.

How NovaSure endometrial ablation can help

Heavy menstrual cycles take a toll on your social and personal life. Instead of enjoying your daily routine, you're stuck at home, constantly changing pads or tampons. When you've had enough, Dr. Zilberstein may suggest endometrial ablation.

Dr. Zilberstein offers the in-office NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure to stop your heavy menstrual cycles. NovaSure uses radiofrequency energy and patented technology to customize your ablation procedure to your needs.

During the procedure, Dr. Zilberstein inserts the specialized tool into your cervix to reach your uterus. Once the device is in place, she measures the amount of radiofrequency energy needed to remove your endometrium.

The procedure only lasts about five minutes, and it doesn't require anesthesia or medications. You can return to your normal activities the next day.

Most women notice a significant reduction in bleeding after the procedure. It's not unusual for your bleeding to stop altogether. NovaSure endometrial ablation is safe and effective, relieving other symptoms of menstruation as well.

If you’re dealing with heavy menstrual bleeding and you'd like to learn more about the NovaSure procedure, don't hesitate to call the office today or request an appointment with Dr. Zilberstein on this website.

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