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How Personalized Medicine Could Benefit You

How Personalized Medicine Could Benefit You

You often hear about genetics at your doctor’s appointments, but you may not realize that your genetic makeup says a lot about your overall health and your risk of chronic disease. Your genetics can also be used to direct your medical treatment.  

If that sounds like something you'd like to know more about, Dr. Inga Zilberstein offers personalized medicine at her office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Dr. Zilberstein has more than 30 years of experience as an OB/GYN and is happy to offer cutting-edge medical care to all of her patients.

What is personalized medicine?

The medical world is constantly evolving, coming up with new and better ways to treat people as effectively as possible. Personalized medicine is one of the latest ways to approach your health, and it allows Dr. Zilberstein to use your genetics and your body's biomarkers to create a customized approach to your health care and wellness.

Your genetics form your body and say a lot about your current health and potential risks to your health. Derived from the Human Genome Project, personalized medicine gives Dr. Zilberstein the tools to personalize your medical plan to prevent chronic disease and diagnose and treat issues that arise with tailored treatments for your body.

Using science and your DNA, there's no more guesswork about providing the correct medication dose or treatment, as your genetic makeup tells Dr. Zilberstein what works best for your body.

The many benefits of personalized medicine

As you can imagine, there are numerous benefits to a medical plan that Dr. Zilberstein can personalize to your specific makeup. You'll be more aware of the risks to your health and be better suited to deal with any health issues. 

Along with getting a treatment plan tailored to you, some of the multiple advantages of personalized medicine include:

Determining your disease risk

When you're born, you receive DNA from your mother and father, which plays a role in what health issues you acquire down the road. Genetic testing allows Dr. Zilberstein to give you a heads-up on what chronic medical conditions you're at risk for so you can take steps to prevent them or minimize complications.

Precise dosing for medications

Many medications have multiple dosing plans depending on your condition and the problem's severity. Doctors often rely on trial-and-error when it comes to providing you with the proper dose.

However, with personalized medicine, Dr. Zilberstein can study your genetics to determine what medications will work best for you and at what dose they'll be therapeutic. It can even help her decide what medications won't work for your body.

Improved chronic disease outcomes

The problem with chronic disease is that once you have one, it can be a challenge to control or manage. However, if you knew you were at risk for these problems early on, you could use prevention strategies to help you manage these conditions.

Personalized medicine involves genetic testing to determine your risk for conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. It offers first-hand knowledge of your genetics to give you the upper hand in preventing and successfully managing chronic disease.

For example, if you're at risk for breast cancer or other types of cancer, Dr. Zilberstein uses personalized medicine to determine if your genetics point to a greater chance of developing these conditions as you age. And she can factor in that risk when developing a screening plan.

Is personalized medicine right for you?

Dr. Zilberstein is happy to help you determine if personalized medicine is a good choice. She evaluates your family history and any symptoms you may have to determine if genetic testing and personalized medicine can benefit you and your health.

To learn more about personalized medicine, don't hesitate to call us, text us, or request an appointment using our convenient online booking tool today.

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