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Hormone Metabolite Testing: What It Is and When to Get It

Hormone Metabolite Testing: What It Is and When to Get It

Have you heard of the DUTCH test? If not, you're not alone, but it’s worth learning more about. Hormone metabolite testing is an extremely useful tool for women and an excellent way for doctors to assess the hormones in your body through a simple urine test.

Dr. Inga Zilberstein is an experienced OB/GYN who offers the DUTCH test at her office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. She understands how useful hormone metabolite testing can be when you're experiencing signs of a hormone imbalance or want to know more about the health of your body.

What is hormone metabolite testing?

Urine metabolite testing allows Dr. Zilberstein to evaluate primary hormones and their metabolites to assess how your body is handling the breakdown of essential hormones such as:

But why is this testing necessary? Hormones are vital to many critical body functions, including sleep, sex drive, metabolism, growth, and fertility. If your hormones are off, it can send the body into a downward spiral, physically and mentally. 

The DUTCH test helps determine your need to correct hormone imbalance as well as your risk for cancer. Hormones that the body doesn't break down properly may increase the risk for certain cancers. If you're already at risk for these cancers, testing gives Dr. Zilberstein insight into your overall health.

The benefits of hormone metabolite testing

There are various ways to test your hormones, including the DUTCH test, to get detailed information on the hormones in your body. Dr. Zilberstein prefers the DUTCH test because it's a comprehensive look into your body's overall health through a simple urine test.

The benefit of this test is that it's easy to perform on your own. You simply urinate on special paper and let it dry over 24 hours. You'll need to submit several samples, and you can do so without invasion of your privacy or painful needle sticks.

Another benefit is the amazing insight into how your body works through hormone evaluation. It helps Dr. Zilberstein determine if you require hormone replacement therapy or other treatments to appease symptoms of an imbalance.

Are you a candidate for the DUTCH test?

Because hormones play a vital role in many bodily functions, an imbalance can wreak havoc on your health and wellness. Dr. Zilberstein recommends the DUTCH test to women experiencing:

She may also recommend the DUTCH test if you have a family history of hormone dysfunction-related cancers. Breast cancer is a significant disease often caused by hormonal imbalances.

Women experiencing bothersome menopause symptoms can also benefit from the DUTCH test to determine if hormone replacement therapy is a good option.

Want to learn more? To schedule an appointment with Dr. Zilberstein, call or text the office or request a consultation online.

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