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Labiaplasty is a type of aesthetic vaginal surgery that may help reduce discomfort or improve the appearance of your labia minora (inner vaginal lips). On the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, Dr. Inga Zilberstein, MD, PLLC, a board-certified OB/GYN, performs labiaplasty and other aesthetic vaginal procedures. To find out more, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Labiaplasty Q & A

What is a labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size or appearance of the labia minora, which are the smaller interior vaginal lips that protect the opening of your vagina and urethra. 

The size, shape, and color of external genitalia vary with every woman. 

Why do women choose to have a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the most common aesthetic vaginal procedure. Women may choose to have a labiaplasty to improve the size or shape of their labia minora. 

Some women have long labia minora that extend outside the labia majora, which may cause discomfort during exercise or make it difficult to wear certain types of clothing. Women may naturally have long labia minora, or the tissue may stretch or change after pregnancy. 

These women may choose to have a labiaplasty to alleviate their discomfort or improve their appearance when wearing a bathing suit or leotard. 

What happens during labiaplasty?

Dr. Zilberstein takes an individualized approach to care and customizes your labiaplasty procedure to match your specific needs and goals. She may perform the procedure using a local or general anesthetic. 

For a labiaplasty, Dr. Zilberstein may perform a trim procedure or wedge procedure. 

Trim procedure

During a trim procedure, Dr. Zilberstein removes the excess tissue and closes the incisions with sutures. 

Wedge procedure

During a wedge procedure, Dr. Zilberstein removes a pie-shaped piece of tissue that allows you to maintain the natural border of labia minora, and therefore preserve the sensitivity of the area.

How long is recovery following a labiaplasty?

Recovery following a labiaplasty varies. However, Dr. Zilberstein recommends taking at least a week off from work following the procedure. 

You need to refrain from sexual intercourse and the use of tampons for 4-6 weeks.

What are the other aesthetic vaginal surgeries?

Dr. Zilberstein is an experienced OB/GYN and performs many types of aesthetic vaginal surgeries. These include:


During a perineoplasty (perineum is the area between the vagina and the anus), Dr. Zilberstein reduces extra tissues (which might have stretched during vaginal deliveries) and approximates the skin and the muscles in this area. 

During vaginoplasty, stretched tissues of the lower third of the vagina (which often results from childbirth) are trimmed and the underlying muscles are tightened. These procedures strengthen the perineum and the vaginal introitus, and improve sensation during sexual intercourse for a woman and her partner. 


A hymenectomy is the surgical enlargement of the hymenal membrane located at the vaginal opening. 


For a hymenoplasty, Dr. Zilberstein reconstructs your hymen.

To discuss the delicate matter of aesthetic vaginal surgery, please seek a consultation at the office of Dr. Inga Zilberstein, MD, PLLC. Call or book an appointment online today.